Rainforest Webcams Record Primate Movements

July 7th, 2012 by Mark

New forest webcams are allowing anyone to see wild elephants, chimpanzees, and drills, as they go about their business. Most of them have been ignoring the webcam, but one elephant did give it a close inspection with his trunk!

The webcams have been placed in Ebo Forest in Cameroon by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and being put online through the San Diego Zoo website.

The drills leave the forest webcam alone, unlike an elephant!

The forest webcams were installed to study the movement and population sizes of primates. It is part of the work done by San Diego Zoo’s Africa Program, which seeks to protect rainforest habitat in Cameroon for rare animals.

We’ve featured San Diego Zoo’s webcams before on Camscape. They have a great series of webcams available for you to look at animals on the zoo grounds.

You can check out the forest webcams footage on San Diego Zoo’s website.

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