“Perfect” Auckland Skyline Caught on Webcam

July 13th, 2012 by Mark

An Auckland, New Zealand webcam has captured arguably a perfect picture of the city’s skyline. On the day in question, the view was considered to be the clearest in recorded history, providing beautiful webcam images.

The day in question was July 8, 2012.

The clearest day came after weeks of rain, making the view clearer than usual. Steve Thompson, owner of the SiteCam Auckland webcam, commented that even on clear days the view is still “a bit hazy or there is fog”, but on this particular day “it was clear as a bell.”

Auckland at night… what a sight!

For Auckland residents, one disadvantage of the good weather is that the temperature drops considerably during night time. But this isn’t a concern for webcam fans!

You can check out the Auckland City Webcam here. You can see view of the skyline on the clearest day in recorded history in this YouTube video.

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