Penguins Enjoy the Beach at London Zoo

July 21st, 2012 by Mark

Want to watch penguins? Well, webcams on London Zoo’s website allow you to do just that by showing you the zoo’s Penguin Beach exhibit. The exhibit features England’s largest penguin pool.

London Zoo have also recently installed an underwater webcam, so now you can see the penguins’ underwater twisting-and-turning acrobatics.

The London Zoo website is hosted within the Zoological Society of London’s website. The ZSL do lots of conservation work to help protect both animals and their habitats.

Not many penguins out and about today. It seems they are preferring to stay inside!

Penguins numbers are declining, with disease, pollution, climate change, and fisheries all playing a role. The ZSL have many active schemes to help protect penguins. These efforts include an expedition to the Antarctic by penguinologist Tom Hart to monitor the welfare of penguins there. They also have their “Penguin Lifelines” project, a collboration with Oxford University, which hopes to discover the long-term threats to Antarctic penguins.

You can check out the London Zoo penguin beach webcam here and the underwater webcam here.

The penguins are far from the only animal featured on the London Zoo website. You can see information on all their exhibits here.

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