Oktoberfest Beer Festival Webcams Show Merry, Drunk Germans

September 27th, 2011 by Mark

The annual Bavarian drinking festival, Oktoberfest, has once again swung into action. If you cannot make it to the festival, you can join it in spirit thanks to an array of different webcams.

The 16 day beer festival attracts people from all over the world. More than five million people attend every year, and they will drink over 7 million litres of highly-alcoholic beer over the course of the festival.

There is much drinking to be done!

The strong beer often catches young people out, but thankfully around 100 medics are on hand to help those lightweights who cannot handle their drink.

The festival is famous for people wearing traditional Bavarian clothing such as Lederhosen (traditional breeches made of leather) and the large tankards. It attracts many celebrities, with Boris Becker himself throwing his own annual Oktoberfest party.

You can see two webcams here. There are more webcams here and here.

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