North Norfolk Railway Webcams Celebrate Steam and Diesel Trains

February 28th, 2012 by Mark

A set of webcams from the North Norfolk Railway allow anyone to see the vintage trains they operate from different stations on the North Norfolk line.

The railway was built by William Marriott in 1887. It provides a 10.5 mile round trip through many scenic areas of north Norfolk in the UK.

The line operates to this day, offering people the opportunity to travel by stream trains or vintage diesel trains. Along with providing a panoramic view of the local scenery, the trains also allow people to watch drivers operate the trains. All in all, it’s a fun family day out!

In railway webcams, we recently featured a webcam set up to celebrate the centenary of the Swiss Jungfrau railway.

All aboard!

The webcams were partly set up due to the strange coastal weather. In fact, the weather has been known to be different at every single station on the line, despite their proximity.

You can check out the North Norfolk Railway webcams here.

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