Live Ten-Pin Bowling Webcam at USBC Open Championships

March 27th, 2012 by Mark

A new webcam has been set up to follow the USBC Open Championships bowling tournament in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The webcam allows anyone to watch the competitions live online.

The USBC, or United States Bowling Congress is US organisation dedicated to ten-pin bowling in the US. The organisation was formed in 2005 after four other bowling organisations merged together. They currently have over two million members.

Several competitiors chase a perfect-300 score.

The Open Championships have over 60,000 participants, with the competitions running all day, every day, for five months. That’s a lot of bowling!

Last year’s webcam for the championships received over one million views.

The competitions started on 11 February. So there are still more than three months of bowling left!

You can see the webcam on USBC’s website.

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