Harrison Bay State Park Install New Eagle Webcam

January 6th, 2012 by Mark

Eagle fans will be pleased to know that a new eagle webcam has been set up in Harrison Bay State Park in Tennessee.

Webcam fans have Paul Carter to thank for the new webcam. The golf course superintendent has worked for months to set up the webcam of the eagle nest in a pine tree near the Bear Trace golf course.

One of the eagles does a little nest maintanence.

Getting the webcam installed was no easy feat. The nest is 75 feet high and required $5000 to set up. The money was raised thanks to various sponsors and went live last week.

All being well, it is hoped that the eagle couple who occupy the nest produce two or three eggs at the end of January. It takes eagle eggs roughly around 35 days to hatch, and then it won’t be until April before the young eaglets leave the nest.

You can check out the Harrison Bay eagle webcam here. Only one webcam is live currently, but it is hoped that a second webcam showing an overview of the nest will also go live soon.

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