Grimsvotn Icelandic Volcano Webcam – Watch The Ash Cloud Strike Again

May 24th, 2011 by Mark

Just over a year after the chaos-causing Icelandic volcano started spewing ash into the skies, delaying and cancelling flights all over Europe, a different Icelandic volcano is doing the same thing.

The culprit is the Grímsvötn volcano, which started erupting on 21 May 2011. Yesterday, it was spewing 2000 tons of ash into the air every second, leading to a whopping total of 120 million tons being released after 48 hours.

This Reykjavik webcam showed the ash cloud approaching on Sunday.

While it seems that it won’t cause as much disruption as last year, a few flights have been delayed already. In the UK, it has mostly been Scottish airports have been affected, with 400 people having slept in Edinburgh airport last night. Only a few English airports have also been affected so far, but the ash cloud is expected to reach other parts of the UK later on today.

You can watch the Grímsvötn volcano on this webcam. NASA also has a spectacular satellite picture of the ash cloud.

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