Forever Marilyn Tourist Attraction on Webcam

August 17th, 2012 by Mark

Forever Marilyn is a 26-foot high sculpture of Marilyn Monroe in her famous pose holding down he skirt in the wind. The pose is from the Billy Wilder film “The Seven Year Itch”, made in 1955.

It was installed in Palm Springs, California on May 14 2012 after being moved from Michigan Avenue, Chicago. As it weighs 34,000 pounds, moving it will have been no small task!

Too early for anyone to take a photo with Marilyn.

The statue has been said to bring out the goofball in tourists, with some taking photos of themselves under the statue while licking her leg or peering up her skirt! The statue was also vandalised several times 2011, being splashed with red paint.

The giant statue was designed by Seward Johnson, a famous American artist known for his life-size bronze statues, made from castings of real people depicting real life activities.

You can check out the Forever Marilyn webcam here.

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