Finse Railway Station Webcam – The Highest Station in Norway

October 13th, 2012 by Mark

After the warmth of the webcam we featured yesterday, today we turn to colder climes in the form of Norway’s Finse Railway Station.

Located in Hordaland, the station is 1,222 metres high, making it the highest railway station in Norway. And as there are no roads to Finse, the station is also the only way out of town!

Let’s hope for tourists that the train doesn’t breakdown. There is no other way out of Finse!

Finse station was opened in 1908, five years after the first hotel in the area. Before that, the only way to travel to the area was either by walking or cycling – and even that was difficult in winter!

After the opening of the railway, Finse became a popular mountain resort in the 1960s and 1970s. Sadly, tourism has declined since then, although Finse is still home to a museum dedicated to the builders of railways, a hotel, and a hostel. The station is also the starting point of a popular tourist trail, that involves a four-day trek to the nearby town of Aurland.

You can check out the Finse webcam here.

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