Dunrovin Ranch Ospreys from Lolo, Montana on Webcam

June 6th, 2012 by Mark

New Osprey webcams seem to be coming thick and fast at this time of year. A webcam from Dunrovin Ranch in Lolo, Montana showing an osprey nest was set up last year thanks to the University of Montana. Now Cornell University have joined the party, meaning a new HD webcam has been installed.

Since the HD webcam has gone live, viewers have flocked to the webcam feed to see osprey parents Ozzie and Harriet.

One of the adult ospreys rests in the nest.

While the general public get to enjoy the webcam, it was primarily set up to be used for research. A Geosciences professor from the University of Montana has been studying how ospreys are affected by the Clark Fork river’s drainage basin – an area of land where water converges to a single point, usually to form a stream or river.

You can check out the webcam here.

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