Cute Polar Bear Cub Siku on Webcam from Denmark

February 29th, 2012 by Mark

Three-month old Polar bear cub Siku is featuring in a new webcam from the Scandinavian Wildlife Park. Siku was born on November 22 at the wildlife park and is being raised by park staff. The webcam, which went live this week, has is being operated so that it doesn’t interfere with the cub’s life in any way.

The webcam will allow anyone to watch the cute little cub grow up in the hope of raising awareness of issues affecting polar bears and their habitat. Siku means “sea ice” in Greelandic language, and the name was chosen because of how dependent polar bears are on sea ice.

One of the staff play with Siku. He seems to be enjoying himself!

Climate change in the Arctic, particularly the melting of sea ice, is threatening polar bears. Forecasts predict that wild polar bears may almost be extinct in 40 years time.

The webcam has been set up by Siku’s wildlife park home, Polar Bears International, and The folks at seem particularly busy setting up new webcams. We recently featured an webcam showing giant pandas from China.

You can watch Siku on webcam here. The webcam is live from 8-10am CST or 3-5pm GMT+1.

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