Child’s Honey Bee Interest Inspires Two Webcams

July 26th, 2011 by Mark

When nine-year-old James Howling showed an interest in bees, his father, Gavin, took the rather extreme action of set up a hive in his family home! But worry not, as the bees aren’t swarming all around their house! The hive can be seen through glass inside their home in Leicestershire, with the bees able to get outside through a pipe.

Beyond trying to be a more popular dad, the hive’s main purpose was to help James learn what goes on inside a hive, as at the time he was too young to deal with them directly.

As a side benefit to webcam fans, Gavin Howling is sharing his son’s enthusiasm for bees with the outside world. He set up two webcams, one showing the hive itself and one showing the pipe which they use to enter and leave the hive.

Watch the bees produce honey on the right, and on the left watch them enter and exit the hive.

You can watch the bee webcams here.

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