Atlantic Puffins Live from Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge

June 29th, 2012 by Mark

Anyone can now enjoy watching Atlantic puffins in their habitat thanks to two new webcams. One webcam gives a view inside a puffin nest, while the other shows a view of the rocky ledge on which they often spend their time.

The puffins are located on the Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge, a 1-mile long island off the coast of Maine. The island is home to many different seabirds apart from puffins, including guillemots, Artic terns, Common terns, and Great cormorants.

Baby puffin! It seems to be chasing an insect.

The webcams are up thanks to the and the National Audubon Society. have recently created many great webcams that we’ve featured here on Camscape.

With a third of seabirds threatened with extinction, making it the most endangered group of birds in the world, it is hoped the webcams will create public interest in the restoration of these great birds.

You can check out the two webcams here.

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