“Occupy” Protests Stream Live from Around the World Thanks to Webcams

October 21st, 2011 by Mark

With the financial hardships of 2008 still fresh in our minds, and with another period of even greater trouble potentially ahead of us, many have felt the need to get on the streets and voice their dissent.

The “Occupy” protests started at the end of September, and the number of protesters has slowly grown in number. They’re now dotted all around the globe, with 900 different cities reportedly having held their own protest. The protests have the aim of reducing social and economic inequality.

As I write, one protester is trying to engage the London police in a debate.

Thanks to new technologies such as wi-fi dongles and, of course, webcams, anyone can follow these protests like never before thanks to the protesters themselves streaming live footage.

Unfortunately, the streams aren’t live all the time, but as there are being held all over the world, you should find one or two live streams!

Check out these webcam streams: Brisbane, Rome, Vancouver, Montreal, Wall Street, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Columbia, and London.

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